What is Dussehra Saraswati Puja/ Pooja?

The festival of Dasara/ Dussehra is celebrated all over India as a festival of new beginnings and triumph of good over evil. It has different interpretations and significance due to diverse cultures but it is an auspicious day throughout India. Aayudha Pooja and Saraswati Pooja is celebrated in the Western and Southern region on the day of Dussehra.

When is Dussehra celebrated?

This auspicious day is the tenth day of the Indian lunar calendar month of Ashwin and falls on the day immediately following the nine days of Navratri.

Dasara is also called Vijaya-dashami (vijaya means victory). It is one of the three and a half most auspicious days of the entire Hindu calendar. Important projects and new ventures are very often initiated on this day because a good enterprise started on Dussehra will be successful.

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