Masala Doodh (Spiced Milk) Recipe

Masala Doodh

(Masala- spice; doodh- milk)

This recipe is an indulgence for your senses! Beautiful glowing golden in colour, fragrant spices, sweetness and heart-warming in every sip.

In India it is a part of Kojagiri Purnima celebrations. But, it is perfect for any autumn/winter night to warm and cozy up before bed. It is also very nutritious – rich in minerals, vitamins and healthy fat that help boost immunity and internal well being.

This recipe can be fully customised as per your taste and preferences. The dry ingredients except sugar can be prepared and stored for upto 2 months. Continue reading “Masala Doodh (Spiced Milk) Recipe”

What is the Harvest Moon and Kojagiri Purnima?

Kojagiri Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon or Kojagiri Purnima is the first full moon of autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere. This falls around the end of September or beginning of October after the autumn equinox.

When is it in 2017?

The Harvest Moon or Kojagiri Purnima falls on the 5th of October, 2017 in India and in USA.

Why is it called the Harvest Moon?

During the period of when autumn begins the moon’s angle with earth is such that it rises or appears in the sky earlier than usual after sunset. This creates a halo of the early glow of the moon in the sky quite soon after the sunlight recedes post sunset which, reduces the darkness in the twilight hours. Prior to the advent of electricity or electric lights this little early moon light afforded the farmers and folks working outdoors a few extra minutes to gather the harvested crops before darkness fell on these nights. That is how this full moon itself became the “harvest moon”. Continue reading “What is the Harvest Moon and Kojagiri Purnima?”