What is TCB

The Cultural Blogger is a melange of my personal experiences, travels and takes on all things cultural in contemporary context.

I love getting to know different cultures of the place where I live or where I travel to. It elevates the experience of simply visiting a new place to a life enriching experience.

Cultural exchange creates a special bond amongst communities and people. Something as simple as saying “hello” or “thank you” in the culturally accepted way of the host and their happiness in response makes us feel connected in a special way. Isn’t it?

That feeling is what I want to share with everyone through my blog!

Since I am from India, I truly love all things Indian. There is so much to discover about India going above and beyond the clichés! To me, India is a unique blend of the old and new. It continues to grow and metamorphose with the ultra-modern world at the same time cherishing its culture at the core.

Consequently, my blog is angled more towards India’s culture – modern, popular and traditional.

But, my blog follows me wherever I go- India and beyond! So keep on reading!